About the BILMAR Butterfly

Owners Mark & Billy Blackwell had the honor and privilege of being raised by their hero/mother LouAnn Blackwell. Raising 7 children alone was no small task; four of them being rambunctious boys and three girls. She taught hard work with integrity and dedication can take you anywhere in life. Their mom went from a housewife to owning her own construction cleaning company where all her children worked by her side, determined to instill strong work ethics and values.

After gaining confidence in the business world, she knew she could work smarter rather than harder. She went to school and became a Realtor and eventually opened a real estate and property management company. As the years went by she transformed from a housewife to a single mother and career woman.

When the children were grown up, and the last of 7 left the nest, she would say “I did it!” — never giving up. She taught and believed:

“We delight in the beauty of the Butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that Beauty!”

She had the opportunity to be a part and enjoy the lives of her 17 grandchildren who absolutely meant the world to her.

She enjoyed them so much that Mark and Billy surprised her and told her it’s time to retire and be the Grandma she always dreamed of being. She was the most loving and dedicated mother and Grandma anybody could wish for.

We will always be grateful that her last years on this earth were spent carefree and around family and friends. In memory of this AMAZING mother, a butterfly has been added to the BILMAR Company Logo.

Wherever you are in your life, good or bad, always remember that life is about transformation. So when you see the BILMAR Butterfly, may it remind you of your mother and all of the great mothers in the world who sacrifice daily for the lives and love of their children & families.

“Call Your Mother. Tell Her You Love Her! Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.”
~ Rachel Wolchin

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